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Is Associated Content a Scam?

I’ve been reading up on sites like Associated Content to determine if it’s worth a writer’s time and effort to submit content to these types of sites. Associated Content (AC) is a Web site where you can earn money by submitting content, whether text or photos or video or whatever. They accept pretty much any kind of content and then post that content for you and place relevant ads around that content. You then receive a dollar amount based on how many users click on the ads. The main problem I see with this system is that the you only receive a $1.50 for every 1000 pageviews, so it’s obvious AC is pocketing an overwhelming majority of the ad profits. Seems like you’d be better off writing good content and posting to your own site, and then setting up ads through something like Google AdSense.

Has anyone ever tried submitting to Associated Content, and if so, how was your experience?

6 thoughts on “Is Associated Content a Scam?”

  1. How much do you think you can earn per thousand page views? Do you even think you can get the traffic to make it to 1000 PV? AC gets over 7MM uniques visitors a month, and index well on google. Do you have any idea how much the avg. website makes as profit on every 1000 PV?

  2. Hi, I’m Laura, I work at Associated Content. Your earlier commenter made a great point. An average blog, even SEO optimized and well-connected doesn’t get nearly the traffic that AC does and won’t be as highly ranked in search as AC. The $1.50/1,000 ppv rate that we pay (combined with upfront payments, which no other site offers) will earn you more than a blog with AdSense. It’s simple to sign up and publish on AC, you’re not risking anything except a little bit of your time, so please come and give it a try! Verify us for yourself.

  3. Laura, what kind of content do you accept? As you can see from my site, I write a good bit on medieval history. Do you accept short article / essays on historical subjects? Also, if I publish with Associated Content, am I still allowed to post the same articles on my site or on other sites? Will Associated Content provide a link back to my site when placing my articles, and if so, is it a “Do Follow” or “No Follow” link? Thanks.

  4. Hi Steven. I decided to put Associated Content to the test for 30 days to decide if it’s worth my time and effort. In the past 30 days, I have published 26 articles (some of which were reprints of articles I’ve published elsewhere), earning $40 for the articles, a $10 bonus for publishing 5 articles during the month of October, and 1,362 page views, with very little (more like no) promotion on my part.

    It hasn’t been published yet, but I just wrote an article detailing my 30 days experiment. If you check my profile page (above) in a few days, you will find a link to my article “Is Associated Content A Scam?” but for a short answer: I have to say no! It’s not going to replace a full-time job, but it’s a great way to supplement your income. If you were to spend 1 hour every day writing 1 – 3 articles for the, you could earn over $200 a month, which isn’t a bad deal to me, especially if you are someone who loves to write anyway.

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