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Writing Resources

Library Thing

LibraryThing is an online library catalog where you enter what you’re reading, and others do the same, and this makes it easy for you to find people who have similar interests and tastes as yours. Read the description from the LibraryThing Web site below: What is LibraryThing? LibraryThing is a site… Read More »Library Thing

Historical Fiction Resources

Just a couple of recent historical fiction resources I’ve run across in the past few days: Reading Historical Fiction Squidoo Lens by Susan Higginbotham Enjoy reading historical fiction? Just getting interested in it? Here are some useful sites for readers (or prospective readers) of historical fiction. You’re bound to find something… Read More »Historical Fiction Resources

Medieval History Resources Online

The following are some medieval history resources I have run across online. Please let me know of any interesting sites you may have found as well. Internet Medieval Sourcebook – contains many writings by contemporaries of the medieval period The-ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies – an academic site for scholars… Read More »Medieval History Resources Online

What I’m Reading

The following is a list of blogs/sites I’m currently subscribed to: Historical Fiction: Carla Nayland Historical Fiction – A blog mainly about researching, writing, and reading historical fiction Elizabeth Chadwick: Living the History – Historical fiction author Elizabeth Chadwick uses this space to discuss her work, her research and share her love… Read More »What I’m Reading