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Medieval History Magazines

I’ve been trying to locate magazines dedicated to the period of the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, my local bookstores don’t stock anything of the sort. I ran across a few online but don’t know if they’re any good. Does anyone subscribe to any of these? Know of others that you would recommend?

  • Medieval History Magazine (I think this one might not be printed anymore, actually)
  • Journal of Medieval History
  • Early Medieval Europe
  • Renaissance Magazine (includes the Middle Ages)

4 thoughts on “Medieval History Magazines”

  1. Steven, I recently ran across Renaissance Magazine at Barnes and Noble here in Nashville. We don’t carry any medieval titles at but we are looking into it. If we end up getting some I will let you know. Roll tide!

  2. Marie, I’ll go to our Barnes & Noble and see if they carry it now. I go in bookstores all the time, just haven’t checked the magazine rack lately. And Roll Tide to you.

  3. Renaissance Magazine is good. It’s designed for readers who like to go to Renassance Faires, so there are a lot of articles about how to design your own costumes, cook Renaissance food, etc., but always some feature articles that are straight history. These are generally pretty solid, although they’re not footnoted.

    Some other magazines that include medieval material in the overall mix are History Magazine and Military History.

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