The Top 100 Medieval Castles

Caerlaverock Castle - Medieval Scotland - Medieval History - Middle Ages HistoryFrom

“In Europe and Asia more than 10.000 medieval castles can be found. selected the most beautiful and interesting castles and ranked them in a top 100 list. You can contribute by voting on your favorite castles: find the castle, click on it and submit your rating. At the end of a year all ratings will be added to the top 100 list. The total list contains 976 castles. This makes it possible to show top lists per country or region.”

*image is of Caerlaverock Castle, retrieved from

7 thoughts on “The Top 100 Medieval Castles”

  1. Isn’t that a really cool site! I used it when I was looking for castles in Wales to visit during our recent trip. Problem is that I saw sooooo many more that I want to see as well! Too many castles; too little money…

  2. Which castles did you visit while in Wales? I’m dying to go to Britain and visit many of the medieval historic sites. Like you said, too little money right now.

  3. Daphne, love the pics. Which castle was your favorite? From pics I’ve seen, Caerphilly seems like a really interesting castle to explore. I also loved the pics of Tintern Abbey.

    Mark, you’re welcome!

  4. I really loved them all! My husband preferred Chepstow. Tintern Abbey was just spectacular! I’m not sure the pictures really convey the true sense of how high the pillars/arches are.

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