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New Short Story Posted: The Sea-Ghost

I’ve posted a new short story in the writing section of my site. The Sea-Ghost is historical fiction set in early 13th century medieval England. The story follows a knight and his squire in route to Wales by boat. They are traveling to Wales in order to join their lord, Earl William de Longespée, and King John’s army in the fight against the Welsh. While sailing around the Welsh coast, they run into a great storm.

A historical note: Earl William de Longespée (1176 – 1226) was the 3rd Earl of Salisbury. Longespée held various offices, including warden of the Welsh marches, and he was also a commander in King John’s army during the Welsh and Irish expeditions of 1210 – 1212. He is the only true historical character in this story. The rest of the characters and storyline are entirely fictional, though the historical medieval backdrop is accurate for that time period.

Thanks to everyone at Critique Circle who read and critiqued my story.

Also, please feel free to provide feedback on my story. All comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

I have also set up an area where you can submit feedback on my other short story, “The Ravens Beneath the Ash.” Scroll to the bottom of the story to find the link to the discussion area.

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