Castles Around the World

Beautiful photos of castles from around the world, not all of them medieval (like Neuschwanstein). The colors and compositions are really nice, even though they have been edited in post or are HDR images. The section has been split into three parts:

The reflection of Kilchurn Castle (Scotland) in the lake is one of my favorites (found in part 2). Kilchurn Castle, built in the 15th century, was the ancestral home of the Campbells of Glenorchy, who later became the Earls of Breadalbane. Today, the castle lies in ruins. More on Kilchurn Castle later.

4 thoughts on “Castles Around the World”

  1. You’re welcome Daphne. Sorry for my delayed response. I was out of town for the past four days (July 2 – July 6). I just got back into town today. I should be posting more on Kilchurn Castle this week, so check back.

  2. For some reason, Mark, your post got stuck in my spam filter and I just now noticed it.

    I’m not sure where that castle is located. Looks like Austria or Switzerland based on the surroundings.

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