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Bookshelf – Recommendations

4 thoughts on “Bookshelf – Recommendations”

  1. Hi Steven, I love your site! thanks for keeping it so current, it’s a great resource.

    I wanted to suggest Wilbur Smith’s novels for your bookshelf. If you haven’t read anything by Wilbur, I strongly suggest you look in to it. He is a fantastic historical fiction author with a very fluid writing style and engrossing stories, mainly about Africa. I’d recommend either starting with his Egyption series (River God/Seventh Scroll/Warlock) or the Courtney family series. Incredible writing!

    – Ben

  2. Thanks, Ben. I’m glad you enjoy the site! I did read one of Wilbur Smith’s novels about a year or two ago. Which one was it? Triumph of the Sun I believe it was. I liked it. Haven’t read the ones you mentioned. I assume those are some of his best ones?

  3. Yes, I think they’re hist best, and they’re the most critically acclaimed.

    I picked up Pillars of the Earth at your recommendation. 900 pages in three days! Great story.

    – Ben

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