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Universal Pictures and Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan, Eye of the World, Fantasy, NovelI’m about a month late on this news, but this was the first time I read about it. I was on vacation about the time this story came out.

Apparently, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to make a film adaptation of Robert Jordan’s fantasy Wheel of Time series. The first film in the series will begin with the first novel The Eye of the World.

Robert Jordan passed away at age 58 before he was able to conclude the series. Fellow fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson will be writing the conclusion based on notes and tapes left behind by Jordan. Publication of the final novel is slated for fall of 2009.

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  1. Forgive me for using your website to post a comment Steven, but I don’t know how else to reach you. I’ve tried PM ing you on the old forum, but I don’t know if it’s getting through. The historical list has moved to a different forum after a major hiccup. We’ve all transferred to a new forum set up by Marg (Diamondlil) after the other one went down for several days. All the usual suspects are there now.
    The new url is here
    Just thought you needed to know, and apologies again for using your site to tell you!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. It’s quite all right to contact me like you did. I don’t mind at all. Much appreciated for telling me about the move to the new forum. I noticed the old forum was having some problems lately and was wondering about it. I’ll join you guys in the new forum.

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