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New Short Story Posted: Exeter Burning

Exeter Cathedral - EnglandI’ve finally finished writing and editing my latest short story: “Exeter Burning.” While the medieval backdrop/settting (i.e. – general details) behind the story are accurate for that period, the storyline and characters are entirely fictional — though it is based loosely on an actual event that took place at Exeter Cathedral and the rivalry between the bishop and dean. I also took some liberty with the architectural details of the cathedral, such as the stone effigy of St. Bernard, who in fact did not exist (at least not this particular one), among others.

*image retrieved from the photo gallery at, the official site of the Exeter Cathedral

2 thoughts on “New Short Story Posted: Exeter Burning”

  1. Wow, that was really good!

    I have really loved all you short stories, especially “The Ravens Beneath the Ash”. I can’t wait for you to publish a full sized novel.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Zach. I really appreciate that. I am still working on my first full-length novel. I just started on the fourth revision. I hope to have others read through it this coming year and give me feedback, and hopefully, it will be polished enough to send off to agents before the end of 2009. I’ll try and post the first chapter to my site some time within the next couple of months. Thanks for your support!

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