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Talking Medieval with Dr. Richard Scott Nokes

I had dinner last night with Dr. Nokes, professor of medieval literature at Troy University. We had a pleasant time talking about all things medieval, writing, and other assorted topics. If you haven’t read his blog, Unlocked Wordhoard, check it out. He posts a lot of medieval-related subject matter. I find his Morning Medieval Miscellany posts especially interesting. Dr. Nokes is an incredibly smart and interesting guy and full of fascinating life experiences.

6 thoughts on “Talking Medieval with Dr. Richard Scott Nokes”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ll know who to come to if I need a fact on the middle ages. I do know about the bulwer-lytton contest. Just read some of the latest winners and losers. I even entered it once, but didn’t achieve anti-greatness.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Charles. I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for some time now. Enjoy your posts. I’ll try to send some people your way.

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