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BBAW Nomination

bbaw-best-history-blog.jpgMy site has been nominated for the Best History/Historical Fiction blog over on the Book Blogger Appreciation Week site (BBAW). There are many categories to vote on: Best Literary Fiction Review Blog, Best Cultural Review Blog, Best Publishing/Industry Blog, Best Published Author Blog, etc., etc. In total, there are 40 categories. Pretty extensive list. So head on over and click my name under the respective category (4th one down). Your vote is much appreciated.

*In truth, if you’re voting for Best History/Historical Fiction Blog, I would choose myself or Carla Nayland Historical Fiction. Carla runs a great site. I’ve been following her for a while. She knows her subject matter extremely well, and she’s a good writer. You can also vote for Carla and her novel Paths of Exile in yet another competition, as her book has been nominated by The People’s Book Prize, a national competition for books by new authors voted on by the public.

9 thoughts on “BBAW Nomination”

  1. “When the heck did this happen? How come I’m the last to know about these things?” (to borrow a line from ‘Back to the Future.’) Seriously, that’s awesome news. I will head over to cast my vote.

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