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Today in Medieval History

On this day, November 5, in medieval history:

  • 1251 – Dedication ceremony is held for Hailes Abbey in the presence of King Henry III, his brother Richard, and Queen Eleanor.
  • 1439 – Antipope Felix V (Amadeus VIII) is elected by the Council of Basel-Ferrara-Florence. The Catholic Encyclopedia actually dates his election on the 30th of October, while other sources say November 5th.
  • 1556 – Battle of Panipat; Mughal Emperor Akbar defeats Samrat Hem Chandra Vikgramaditya.

4 thoughts on “Today in Medieval History”

  1. Thanks, Eric. Did you have a chance to look at the photos of Hailes Abbey? There’s not much left but it’s still pretty neat. I also did a search on Flickr to see if I could find more photos. I love old ruins.

  2. Yeah, the pictures were incredible. I’m considering going to either England, Italy or France next year and one of the things I want to make sure I have time to do is get out to the old places like this. Lovely and intimidating, they are.

  3. England is definitely first on my list to visit in Europe. Unfortunately, the dollar is weak compared to the pound right now. Will have to wait until it’s more affordable.

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