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The San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Some photos from my recent hiking/camping trip to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The majority of the photos are from the day we hiked up Handies Peak, which is over 14,000 ft.










5 thoughts on “The San Juan Mountains, Colorado”

  1. Beautiful photos, Steven! I live in Boulder and I frequently travel down to the San Juans. I love life in Colorado.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous place. We moved to Denver a few years ago but haven’t been there yet. We drove up to Mount Evans yesterday – it was “almost” snowing up there!

  3. Ben, it was my first time to the San Juans. It was incredible. I had been skiing in Steamboat Springs before, but I had never been around the Durango area before. My first time in Colorado in summer also. I think I would live in Colorado if my wife and I didn’t have family so close to where we live right now. My wife and her mother are real close.

    Daphne, you definitely should head down to that area. It’s probably a decent drive from Denver I’d imagine. 5 hours maybe? We drove 5 hours just to get to our campsite at the base of Handies Peak. We were the only ones out there in the wilderness camping. It was nice. The weather was cool. Not sure I’d want to drive that road again though. It was a dirt road, barely wide enough for one car, cut into the side of the mountain with hundred foot drop-offs at certain points. A bit unnerving.

  4. Gorgeous! I’ll be in Denver the second week in August visiting relatives; maybe I can talk my sister into going there for an overnight trip. I’ll show her your photos ~ that should tempt her!

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